Quickscrum Solutions

The most effective work management solution for Product, IT Operation, Creative, Marketing, Design and Engineering Teams


Track Financial Goals

Set the financial goals and track them periodically to measure the performance.

Budget Planning & Forecasting

Streamline your budget planning and forecasting process.

Financial Requests

Easily track and respond to budget and expense questions and requests from around the organization.

Purchase Approvals

Receive all purchase approval request in a single location and approve them following proper review.

Track Report Generation

Collaborate with teams across the organization and track financial report generation process.

Book Closing

Coordinate within your team effectively and do book closing without any chaos.


Design Project Planning

Visually plan your design project from start to finish.

Creative Production

Receive creative requests without interruption, produce designs and satisfy the need faster.

Creative Approval

Get creative design feedback, organize centrally and get them approved faster.


Product Launches

Plan a launch of every single milestone effectively. Grow rapidly with every launch.

Campaign Management

Launch the most creative campaign and increase your brand value with every campaign.

Event Management

Plan and coordinate effectively to execute event successfully without chaos.


Candidate Openings

Let your HR team manage all candidate openings in single place.

Candidate Hiring

Track candidate hiring process and optimize it continuously to accelerate the recruitment speed.

Employee Goals & Review

Set employee goals and review them monthly, quarterly and yearly to track the progress.

Employee Feedback

Get employees feedback and act upon to improve continuously.

Employee Helpdesk

Receive all employee requests within Quickscrum and respond to them faster.

HR Project Planning

Plan, execute and monitor all HR projects efficiently.

New Employee Onboarding

Make new employee productive faster with systematic training and knowledge transfer.