Product Roadmap

Quickwork being the #1 project management software, provides various solutions to match up to your company standards and requirements. To astonish you with its features and qualities, we have a tool that is Quickwork’s Product Roadmap solution.

In order to withhold in the growing market, having a clear picture of your goals (long term/ short term) is a must. Thus, having a roadmap tool is a basic necessity, as it will tell you exactly how your products’ strategies will be taken forward.

Our tool let you behold the steps more gracefully and move towards the path of success. Leaving behind all the fuss of excel sheets and monotonous slides, you can edit things on the go and save your time and energy. Therefore, it’s a must-have tool to build a great stepping stone towards achieving your vision.


  1. Visit the project grid and simply add a new project. Give it an appropriate name.
  2. Now, select the solution type as – Product Roadmap.
  3. Next, you can enlist the project members for the project by adding the internal team members. And you can also invite new members via adding their email id and assign them a role in the project.

Open the product roadmap project and you are good to go. Create your product roadmap as per your requisites.


With the technological world, you surely need a tool that can site every next step on your fingertips. It’s here that the Quickwork Roadmap tool comes for your rescue.
It lets you set all those targets within this tool instead of approaching traditional methods, making decisions better and faster.

  1. Sort out the features and major goals for roadmaps with add workitems. Now you can easily enlist the details of the products conductivity, designated dates, estimated size and the manager of the product.
  2. The user can easily assign the various features to the established product manager.
  3. For better and effective outcomes, do keep in mind to include the stockholders, support team and the marketing team. This will be beneficial for executing the plans and managing the impacts for enhanced organizational goals.
  4. It is the responsibility of the product manager to govern the market study, competitor’s analysis, and interacting with the clients. This will generate the organizational value if they feature the analysis properly. These track records can be made using the business value from the workitem.
  5. Make use of the smart chart to design the visual plan of the complete schedule.
  6. Add project submission and other task completion dates in the Calendar.
  7. Break the work items into stories and organize them as per time that needs to be devoted on each one of them in the timelines. You can simply drag the stories as per your requirements.


  • Design the workflow according to your comforts. Set the priority using drag and drop feature.
  • Mark the project completion and view the graph and stats from the velocity graph to know how much work has been done and where your team spends most of its time and makes suggestions accordingly.
  • Analyze the work done with the burndown option to see if your team will meet the deadlines.
  • Attach remarks by using @membername or create tags for reminders or important points.


  1. Design your workflow on the board according to your product roadmap.
  2. With the ability of drag and drop function, you can update the task status on your board.
  3. You should also complete the list of sub-items to govern the progress. The progress bar will thus guide you through the pending works.

With the help of feature status, the members of the team can easily update the progress. In this manner, they will be able to keep everyone on the same page and no one will miss any important fact. They can move the workitem into the development phase for effective functioning.

The Quickwork presents you with the real-time status. This feature enables you to ensure the smooth working without any major risk to the project roadmap. Having said that, all the features of Quickwork Product roadmap tool, make your tasks easier and more systematic to govern and put you out of all the trouble of regular status checking.