Assign Workitem to User

Workitem is a basic workable entity on which team works on day to day basis to achieve a specific goal. It can be Story for Scrum Team, Defect for Testing Team, Campaign for Marketing Team, Lead for Sales Team.

Every workitem need a single responsible person (leader) to complete it. S/he is responsible to coordinate with other team members to get it done. In general, workitem is divided into multiple subitems and assigned to individuals for execution. That way multiple team members can work upon single workitem.

There are two ways to assign a workitem to the user:

  • Edit Workitem
  • Quick Edit

Edit Workitem

To assign a user to the workitem,

1. Click on Edit option.

2. Click on the Assigned To dropdown list and select the responsible user.

Quick Edit

To assign a user to the workitem,

1. Click on the Assigned To of any workitem.

2. Select the responsible team member from the dropdown list.