Effort Category

The practice of Logging the work efforts must be followed by all the teams. It helps the team to know,

  • Where the team members are spending their valuable time?
  • How much time is spent in a single category such as learning, training, R&D etc?
  • Brainstorm over How you can manage your time better?

Common Effort Categories are training, r&d, administration, programming etc. Effort Category differs from organization to organization by nature of the business.

Quickwork provides Effort Category administration to Create and Manage your own effort categories.

Add Effort Category

To add an effort category,

1. Click on display pic that is available on the right top corner. From the menu, click on Account Administration. .

2. Click on the Effort category from the Account Administration.

3. Click on Add button

4. Write down an effort category name & save it.

Edit Effort Category

To edit an effort category,

1. Click on Edit in action menu.

2. Do the required changes and it will be automatically saved.

Delete Effort Category

To delete an effort category,

1. Click on Delete in action menu.

2. Click on Confirm to give confirmation to delete effort category. If this effort category is assigned to any efforts, it will automatically be unassigned.

Search Effort Category

To search an effort category,

1. Type an effort category name.

2. Press an enter button or click on the icon.